Into the deep end, bring your own buoys.

Into the deep end, bring your own buoys.

OTP Law strongly believes in the value of mentoring and as we have matured, so we have shared of ourselves with many young people at the crossroads of legal practice. Their reflections continue to humble and inspire the lawyers at OTP Law.

We are looking for interns, practice trainees and associates; Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents are encouraged to apply.

For interns, we have good temporary positions available to anyone interested in legal process and in an eventual education in the law. As an intern, we will require that you hold minimum A-level or diploma qualifications.

For practice trainees, we provide good well-rounded training for your future career in the law. The training meets with the requirements under the Practice Training Contract Checklist issued by SILE. As a practice trainee, we will require that you satisfy the requirements under the Legal Profession (Qualified Persons) Rules and other requirements under the Legal Profession Act.

Exceptional interns and practice trainees will always have places with us.

Candidates should have a keen sense of organisation, avid reading habits, a penchant for asking difficult questions and a tolerance for getting difficult answers.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might like to apply, feel free to contact us using the Careers Contact Form  for further enquiries or an interview.