Our Expertise

In the beginning, life at OTP Law Corporation started in Infotech, Commercial and Family Law.

Except possibly for Mylene, we love technology, but only as its masters not servants. We like working with techies whether as their lawyers or their clients or even as co-creators.   Our precedent partner is also the resident geek who almost chose MIT before deciding on NUS Law School and Singapore food. He now compensates by sitting in all the IT committees when approached. And that is many and often.

Commercial law has come to be our specialisation in the trying of shareholders disputes, and commercial sense is what we bring to the deal-making for our clients.

Family disputes and matrimonial issues have been an area of our practice since the beginning. We fondly recall our first hamper from a grateful divorce client and also how these cases were once heard in the High Court.

Besides the above, our firm also has established strengths in major practice areas.

Though we love the law and practice it with a passion, we don’t think it makes good sense for our clients to pay us for all the time we want to spend on their cases. Where possible we have moved away from time costs billings and now use the more sensible approach of fair and fixed periodic billing covering the stages of work completed. It is only in exceptional situations that we revert to time costs.

Area of Practice

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We advocate passionately effective and enduring solutions to all disputes that have come to us. We thus champion ADR processes as the default pathways to dispute resolutions. ADR is lauded not only for its flexibility and speed to solving problems but also for the opportunities to uncovering the root of those problems. The added fact that they are confidential processes makes ADR the irresistible choice for disputes of all nature. We call this the peace approach. In walking the talk, our lawyers have acquired specialist trainings and vast experiences as negotiators, mediation advocates, mediators, neutral evaluators and arbitration counsels. Significantly, OTP’s peace approach involves an understanding that most problems are multi-faceted and that conflicts often have more than one cause. Through our combined experiences in dispute resolution since 1988, we designed and built PF Restructure, a cross-functioning initiative to problem solving with support from the disciplines of law, finance, psychology, mediation, counselling and therapy. Combining with expertise of these other disciplines, we work tirelessly with our clients to determine the best of these peace approaches for their disputes. We are proud that our track record for resolution using ADR enjoys over 90% success of reaching settlements. You can read our various articles on ADR in particularly, mediation and mediation advocacy at http://www.otp.sg/our-journals-2/

Commercial & Corporate Litigation/Appellate Work

Our lawyers both prevent and resolve disputes by providing clients with practical, creative legal advice that focuses on their strategic and commercial objectives. Our experience includes the full spectrum of dispute resolution and litigation mechanisms like arbitration, vigorous courtroom strategy, multi-party lawsuits and appellate proceedings. Our lawyers can assist as arbitration advocates and courtroom advocates.

Conveyancing & Real Estate

Buying your first home is probably the most daunting legal matter that the majority of individuals face. Our conveyancing team of lawyers and para-legals have many years experience: from retail conveyancing to more complex transactions like collective or en bloc sales of developments. With such experience, our conveyancing team can help clients navigate their purchase with confidence. Our conveyancing team can assist in the sale and purchase of HDB flats; residential, commercial and industrial properties; en bloc or collective sales, and leasing of properties.

Data Protection & Cybersecurity

Our deep industry experience means that we can help our clients navigate through at each stage of the data lifecycle. At the front end, we assist our clients assess and reduce their privacy and security risks and comply with applicable regulations. We advise clients on legal compliance and business strategy relating to privacy and security risk management, cybersecurity and technology transactions. In the event of an incident, we are able to draw upon our experience to advise clients on the investigation, containment and remediation of a broad range of data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents. We help clients minimising financial loss and reputational damage. Our lawyers can assist on data privacy issues, cybersecurity issues, incident handling, contractual and technological risk allocation and management.

Family & Matrimonial

With an experience spanning 30 over years, we have a department dedicated to the areas of family and matrimonial laws. By way of collateral support, we have built the competitiveness of this department with expertise for tracing, assessing the pool and valuation of matrimonial assets, no matter how vast or how complex. In particular, we are able to assess the likelihood of outcome for clients in respect of their share in the matrimonial assets and other financial issues. We bring these strengths whether it be the negotiating table, a mediation session or the hearing before a judge. Similarly on issues relating to children, our lawyers are also parenting coordinators, skilled mediators trained in the voice of a child and experienced mediation advocates for a parent in a Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction proceedings. We are collaborative family practice lawyers and strong believers of Therapeutic Justice. We have represented fathers in custody cases where the fathers were given not only custody but care and control of their children. We have acted for parents denied access to their children but now see them regularly. We have represented spouses where we have negotiated million dollar settlement without resorting to litigation. Where we were not able to achieve resolution peaceably, we have fought for clients compelled to take their child away from the other abusive parents or to trace assets dissipated or hidden or squandered or spent without consent. Calling on the amalgamation of our experiences in both family and property law, we have also served clients in complex work in the area of trust law. We collaborate with other professional affiliates in the PracticeForte Advisory to provide counsel in the formation of family trusts. We have also assisted and led contentious litigation matters in the disentangling of family feuds for trust properties. You can read our various articles on Family Law, Therapeutic Justice and Matrimonial Disputes at http://www.otp.sg/our-journals-2/

Information Technology

Effective implementation of any technology requires an understanding of what is technically and operationally feasible. Our technology practice provides legal knowledge and technical understanding to help clients take full advantage of new and emerging technologies, particularly related to artificial intelligence (AI), distributed ledger technologies (DLT) (including Blockchain) and cryptocurrencies. The adoption of these technologies will to lead to major redesigns of business processes, even in the legal industry itself.
With our expertise, we are able to offer strategic and practical advice to our clients as they consider the development and/or implementation of these emerging technologies, including putting in place the best contractual arrangements to manage the web of relationships required for such development and implementation. Our lawyers can assist on tech contracts, tech regulations, and tech audits.

Intellectual Property (IP)

By identifying, protecting and exploiting intellectual property rights at each stage of the innovation lifecycle, our team of lawyers provides strategic advice spanning all aspects of IP law, from brand protection using trademarks, copyright, patents and confidential information protection. Our services also include IP protection and portfolio management and advising on the commercialisation of IP assets including commercial transactions relating to the acquisition and development of innovative products and services. Our lawyers can assist on trademark registration, patent registration, trademark licensing, patent licensing, trademark assignments, patent assignments, confidentiality agreements, copyright protection, copyright licensing, copyright assignments, and commissioned works.

International Trade/Invest

Trade is the lifeblood of Singapore. Many of our small and medium sized (SME) clients are involved in trade, whether trading in goods or providing their services to an ever-growing international market. They come to us for our lawyers’ wide-ranging experience in ‘right-sizing’ a solution for their commercial needs. As our SME clients grow and look to invest overseas, they again look to our lawyers as their trusted advisors to advise them about the best approach on how to structure such foreign direct investments (FDIs) taking into consideration the regulations of their target countries. For such matters, we work with our network of international affiliates. Our lawyers can assist in preparing standard form or bespoke terms for the sale and purchase of goods or services, structure FDIs, draft joint venture agreements, and prepare international investment agreements.

Mergers & Acquisition (M&A)

Our mergers and acquisitions lawyers provide legal advice on all aspects of M&A transactions for public and private corporate clients, institutional investors and private individuals. We work with clients both in Singapore and internationally using our network of international affiliates. Our M&A lawyers work closely with our clients as every M&A deal is always about the clients’ commercial needs. Our lawyers can assist in negotiations, structuring the transaction, corporate restructuring, preparing the documentation for the acquisition or disposal of shares and/or assets, shareholders agreements, investment agreements, and key employee service contracts