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Heartiest Congrats to our Director Lim Seng Siew for being appointed as an advisory member, of the Industry Engagement and Advisory Group Minlaw Legal Technology Platform initiative!

"S'pore launches welcome pack to help Jiangsu firms set up business hub here" - The Straits Times, NOV 15, 2021, 3:41 PM SGT

Established by the Law Society of Singapore and Enterprise Singapore, the “Professional Services Welcome Pack” is a listing of Singapore’s Professional Services firms. 

This list highlights more than 70 of Singapore’s Professional Services expertise, ranging from legal, accounting, corporate secretarial, human resource and real estate firms, presenting them to the rest of the world. 

The pilot initiative focuses on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as technology start-ups from China that are setting up in Singapore. Serving as a hub for partnerships and future expansion into the wider South-East Asian (‘SEA’) region. 

OTP Law Corporation is honoured to be part of this initiative and we look forward to collaborating with our Chinese partners in the near future.

SIMI’s launch of Contemporary Issues In Mediation Vol 6:

PracticeForte is proud that our affiliate member at OTP LAW CORPORATION, Ms Chloe Chua, has a winning essay titled “The Functions of Artificial Intelligence in Mediation” published in this volume.

Mr Lim Seng Siew has over 29 years practice experience in litigation and commercial transactions, concentrating mainly on technology related matters. In addition to practice experience, in the years when he was CEO of a technology start-up (2000-2003) and Senior Director of the Technology Cluster, Singapore Academy of Law (2008-2011), he has also gained practical experience managing technology projects as well as the daily operations of such entities.

In addition to his active legal practice, Seng Siew is also an active representative of the legal profession in dealing with the government and the judiciary. As an ExCo member of the Law Society of Singapore, he would give feedback on policy matters to the authorities. As the chairman of the Inadequate Professional Services Committee and a member of the Ethics Committee, he is also involved in regulating the conduct of lawyers.

Our Director Lim Seng Siew, who is also the Vice Chairperson, Advisory Committee of The Law Society of Singapore, will be sharing on "Best practices for detecting potential Conflicts of Interest" at the upcoming [Webinar] Managing Conflicts of Interest for Legal Practitioners and Law Practices on Tuesday, Jul 27, 2021, 02:30 pm - 04:30 pm.

Heartiest congratulations to the Singapore Management University student team for placing second (tied) in the Georgetown Irontech Lawyer competition. a shout out to our on boarding trainee Shukrina Salam, well done!

Our Director Lim Seng Siew will be sharing his expertise at the business development day 2021, organised by the Law Society Singapore. Sign up now!

While the Circuit Breaker measures are in place, our firm’s lawyers are all telecommuting and working from home.  We will conduct all meetings online. There will be no mail or courier services. Written communications are by email only. Apart from that,  it is business as usual as for as the law allows. Operational hours remain from 9am-6pm, Monday – Friday except public holidays. Please do check our landing page with answers to your frequently asked questions on what kind of legal services are considered urgent and essential.   


JAN 21, 2020 – FLIP Blog Post

OTP Law Corporation mentioned in Justice Lee Seiu Kin’s ((Chair of the Singapore Academy of Law’s Legal Technology Cluster) speech made during FLIP 2nd Anniversary.


“These trailblazers range from solo practices and small firms like Consigclear LLC and OTP Law Corp to large international firms…”


NOV 19, 2019, 5:00 AM SGT

“Ms Naomi Low, who posted her 2017 experience on the website of OTP Law Corporation, said: “There were times when I felt that I was not being of much help, or that I was troubling the rest from their work”.

Artificial Intelligence & The Law in Singapore

Qualitative research into the relationship between artificial intelligence and the legal industry in Singapore, expanding into the consideration of legal education through the lens of knowledge management.

Interviews were conducted with; (1) Mr Lim Seng Siew – Partner, OTP Law Corporation (2) Mr Mark Findlay – Professor of Law, Singapore Management University; Deputy Director, Centre for AI and Data Governance (3) Mr Jerrold Soh – Lecturer of Law, Singapore Management University; Co-Founder of Lex Quanta This short video documentary was created for the purposes of Singapore Management University’s course, “Governing, Managing & Protecting Knowledge in Organisations” taught by Professor Thomas Menkhoff.

Our Director Susan Tay "On the Night Chat" 938NOW with Susan Ng last night.

They discussed factors that couples should consider while contemplating divorces such as matters pertaining to custody of children, matrimonial assets, maintenance, and property. She also talked shared on ‘Divorce and You’ outreach talks and other channels of assistance a people may want to consider. Susan ended the talk by sharing to all listeners that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Law Society urges firms to adopt new technology - PUBLISHED MAY 16, 2019, 5:00 AM SG, lester wong, straits times

“Local law firm OTP Law Corporation is currently using a cloud-based practice management system called CoreMatter, which allows its four lawyers to manage information like case files and financial invoices on their cell phones”.

A year on, Singapore Academy of Law’s Future Law Innovation Programme continues to drive legal innovation

“It has been encouraging to see buy-in from legal partners. The enthusiasm to transform and adapt to changing times can be seen in the efforts of FLIP participants like Rajah & Tann, Dentons Rodyk and Clifford Chance, who have set up dedicated legal tech arms to deliver value to their clients. Our smaller law firms, too, like OTP Law Corp, have leveraged FLIP to lighten-up their back-end operations and increase efficiency,” said Justice Lee Seiu Kin, who chairs SAL’s Legal Technology Cluster.

Preparing a firm for disruption – how one firm looked beyond technology

” Fuji lawyers have been encouraged to embrace the paperless journey and collaborate with technology

Preparing a firm for disruption – how one firm looked beyond technology

“As a lawyer, technologist and regulator, Lim Seng Siew is familiar with wearing many professional ‘hats’, especially when it comes to legal innovation. In addition, he has also recently joined the CLI Advisory Board”.

“There’s a running joke amongst young Australian lawyers about becoming “the other kind of barrister”, i.e. the barista. In Singapore, we’ve all heard of the young lawyer who quit their job to start their own business – nightclubs, Japanese food, skincare products, just to name a few. Comparatively less has been written about the young lawyer who quit their job to start their own law firm.
In this article, Alicia Zhuang (“AZ”) speaks with three gutsy lawyers who did just that. Susan Tay Ting Lan (“ST”), the lao jiao of the lot, started OTP Law Corporation 26 years ago. The other two, Wilbur Lim (“WL”) and Hazell Ng (“HN”), started WMH Law Corporation just last year. In addition to asking them “why”, “when”, and “how”, this interview attempts to explore the mindsets of the three, and their motivations”.

“Guest speakers for the talk, Ms. June Lim from Eden Law Corporation and Ms Susan Tay from OTP Law Corporation, shared information about the different aspects of Hague convention and introduced Project Relocation, an initiative between their respective law firms to provide accessible legal help to foreign spouses seeking to return to their countries with their children. Participants were also given a step-by-step guide on how they could apply to Project Relocation and the kind of help they would receive”.