Intellectual Property Protection Guide

This Guide is intended to serve as a primer for the designer, the inventor and the entrepreneur on the protection of new ideas and the products that arise from such ideas. Like all publications of this kind, the Guide is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a lawyer on the complexities of intellectual property law.

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Finding Quality Information on the Internet

We hear anecdotal stories of false claims made on the Internet that on the face of the article/website appear authoritative and accurate. Yet, it cannot be that everything on the Internet is bogus. So, how do we determine the wheat from the chaff?

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Moral Rights: The Right to Destroy Artwork

It was reported in the Singapore press that several pieces of art work had been missing after the building owners renovated their premises. Some, if not all, might have been destroyed in the course of renovation. Is there anything that the artists can do to prevent this or at least salvage their art work for display elsewhere?

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