Law Society encourages firms to adopt new technology

“Despite more than 80 percent of Singapore law practices (SLP) agreeing in a 2018 LawSoc survey that technology helps the delivery of legal services, only 12 percent or 115 practices have adopted technology solutions to date…. Local law firm OTP Law Corporation is currently using a cloud-based practice management system called CoreMatter, which allows its four lawyers to manage information like case files, client details and financial invoices on their mobile phones. OTP litigation lawyer Mr. Lim Seng Siew said the system has saved time, but believes that Singapore’s legal community is only just beginning to figure out how technology can be applied to their daily work. “A key driver of the process is knowing what services our clients and customers want and what they are prepared to pay for.”

OTP Law Corporation‘s director, Lim Seng Siew, shares his views on adoption of technology by lawyers. OTP Law Corporation is a pioneer SmartLaw practice.