Reflection of an Ex-Intern – Dion Ng

Free stock photo of man, desk, laptop, officeMy internship with OTP Law Corporation has been a really enriching experience. I was not just exposed to the practice of law, but also to how a small law firm functions as a whole. The environment was as warm as I expected, given how closely the lawyers and paralegals work together in a small law firm. I especially appreciated how this translated to their combined mentorship, from which I learnt a lot. To me, the ethos of the firm in nurturing their interns was neatly encapsulated by the words of Ms Susan Tay, who said that everyone is a teacher, especially for interns and trainees embarking on their journey in law.

I really appreciated as well how willing the lawyers and paralegals were to teach me, in guiding me through the different processes and giving me the opportunities to try out different kinds of legal work as well. On my first day itself, I was immediately given the opportunity to try drafting an affidavit, which I had no experience in at all. It was not only the drafting itself that was instructive. The discussion and feedback session with Ms Susan Tay, leading to the final version for filing also enhanced the whole “hands-on” nature of the mentorship that I received. Everyone was always willing and welcoming to answer any questions or clarify any doubts that I had.

I was also reminded through this experience that the practice of law does not only entail providing solutions that are legal in nature. The duty to clients is to ensure that their best interests are met, which could well be minimising legal costs or seeking a less adversarial manner of handling matters. This was especially brought home to me when I finished drafting a submission for legal arguments, as it was then put on hold as the parties had just agreed to go for mediation.

There was also much to do other than research and the drafting of affidavits and legal submissions. The drafting and proofreading of correspondence, filling up of forms and applications, and even making and answering phone calls were skills that cannot really be learnt in law school. Ms Sandra Yong was also especially patient in allowing me to handle trademark applications and teaching me about conveyancing matters, amongst other things. Learning about the minutiae and processes underlying the functioning of a law practice, as well as the level of multitasking required was an extremely educational experience.

I really appreciated that my time with OTP Law Corporation was not just an internship, but a truly good mentorship experience as well!

By Dion Ng
NUS Year 2 Student