Our Lawyer, Mr Lim Seng Siew at the Litigation Conference 2017

Seng Siew was co-chairing Session 5 to lead discussions on Third Party Funding – How Does It Work

In November 2016, a Bill was introduced in the Singapore Parliament to allow third party funding for international commercial arbitration. We already have the 2015 decision of Re Vanguard Energy Pte Ltd which clarified that properly structured third party funding arrangements are permissible in insolvency cases.

Does this mean that in the near future, a cash-strapped claimant can obtain proper redress against the well-resourced defendant? Can it level the playing field for parties? Is it suitable for all disputes?

A panel of third party funders will answer these questions and explain what advice lawyers should give their clients about third party funding. How should lawyers assess if a case is suitable for third party funding and how, if at all, the third party funder affects the relationship between the lawyer and the client.

Lim Seng Siew – Director, OTP Law Corporation
Ashok Kumar – Director, Blackoak LLC
Clive Bowman – Chief Executive – Australia and Asia, IMF Bentham Limited
Yasmin Mohammad – Senior Counsel, Vannin Capital
Jurriaan Braat – Partner, Omni Bridgeway (Switzerland)

Source: The Law Society of Singapore