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From Cradle To Grave: The Life Cycle of a Business

In the late 1990s, a subsidiary of an European listed infocommunications company was deciding whether to expand into Asia or into the Americas.

They conducted their initial intelligence using the Internet and came across an early version of our website. They were surprised by the wealth of useful and practical information found on our website and contacted us.

We provided them with the information they needed and, after assessment, decided they would expand into Asia, headquartered in Singapore.

It is always exciting to see a new business being born.

For the twenty-odd years of their patronage, we handled their incorporation; applied for work passes for their key foreign personnel; adapted their standard employment letters to Singapore laws; handled their corporate secretarial work; even introduced them to other Singapore companies and government agencies that they could collaborate with.

They grew as the Asian Tigers’ economies grew. The legal work that we handled for them similarly grew: local and overseas joint-ventures; distribution agreements; licensing of their applications to MNC end-users – all types of commercial work. When the listed parent company came into Singapore, we also handled their legal work.

Unfortunately, with the waning of the Asia Tigers and the Asian economic crisis, their business had to be scaled back. Eventually, some twenty odd years after first coming to Asia, and because of corporate restructuring back in Europe, they decided to pull out of Asia.

Together with accountants, we helped them sort out their tax position and advised them on a cost-efficient alternative to liquidation.

It is always sad to see a business end. Thankfully, we do not often have to see a business start from cradle and end in its grave.